Antoni Buades


My research interests include Image and video processing, Computer vision, Mathematical analysis of images, Satellite imaging and Medical Imaging.

A complete list of publication might be found at my google scholar profile and some online demos about my job at IPOL webpage.




  • Open position: Phd Position on 3D and video processing. (email: toni ‘dot’ buades ‘at’ gmail ‘.’ com)
  • Award:  Longuet-Higgins Prize. 2015.
  • Recent papers appeared:
    • J. Duran, G. Blanchet, A.Buades, B. Coll, C. Sbert, “A survey of pansharpening methods with a new band-decoupled variational model”, ISPRS, 2016.
    • A. Buades, J.L Lisani, M. Miladinovic, “Patch Based Video Denoising with OpticalFlow Estimation”, IEEE Transactions in Image Processing, Vol 25(6), pp: 2573-2586, 2016.
    • A. Buades, J.L Lisani, “Directional filters for color cartoon + texture image and video decomposition”, Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2016.
    • A. Buades, R. Grompone von Gioi, “Visual system inspired algorithm for contours, corner and t-junction detection”, EUVIP, Marsella, France, 2016.
    • J. Navarro, A. Buades, “Reliable light field multiwindow disparity estimation”, 23rd IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP), Phoenix, USA, pp. 1449-1453, 2016.
    • J. Duran, A. Buades, B. Coll, C. Sbert, G. Blanchet, “Pansharpening by a Nonlocal Channel-Decoupled Variational Method”, 23rd IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP), Phoenix, USA, pp. 4339-4343, 2016.